Key Client


Why should we choose KEY Skills to recruit our employees?

Good question, thanks for asking.
KEY Skills recruits from a candidate pool that is not accessible by the general recruitment market. We have ownership of a database that consists of skills within the industries we recruit from making the exhausted career boards a thing of the past for our company. The candidates we represent have undergone an intensive screening process prior to being introduced to our clients, this eliminating any hindrance in your hiring process. We make it our responsibility to understand the requirements of the role and with our 10 year’s recruitment experience within various disciplines we have the knowledge to back that understanding. 

What makes KEY Skills different from other recruitment agencies?

Different, I won’t know. Unique, definitely!
KEY Skills vows to be a non-target driven enterprise. Thus putting the client’s needs ahead of our own. We’re not on the chase for the next paycheque, the next big bill. We analyse and select our clients in line with to our service capacity and ability to deliver, and we deliver. Our client and candidate service is of utmost importance to us, ultimately we are in the business of changing lives and we take it very seriously. 

What areas of recruitment does KEY Skills work within?

With 8 years of niche specialised recruitment within Information Technology, our selected recruiters are able to provide employees throughout any SDLC, ERP, and Infrastructure in any environment. We further have niche specialised recruiters within the Finance, Banking, Legal and Human Resource, Sales and Executive Searches/ Headhunting. Our recruitment division is centralized around our clients and their needs. An organization is not just made up of core business but supporting structure as well, we know this and want to position our business to help yours! 

How successful is the placement ratio of KEY Skills?

Glad you asked, as we said we are not a target driven enterprise however we are a ratio driven one! The numbers should always speak for themselves, speaking of which we have a 3 CV to 1 placement ratio. That relates to Hiring Manager reviewing 3 spot on cv’s, conducting 3 interviews and having the task of appointing one. Allowing you to reach the goal of, saving time.

Do you offer any guarantee at KEY Skills? 

Yes, why not. We are so certain of the skills we recruit and so certain of the recruitment process we undergo with our candidates, why should we not offer one.

Where does KEY Skills operate?

We are based in the commercial and resort town north of Durban, Umhlanga Rocks. KEY Skills operates across South Africa, locally in Durban and the wider KZN, Gauteng, with clients in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand and Centurion as well as the Western Cape.