About Us

KEY Skills was formed with one very clear aim in mind… PROFESSIONALISM.

KEY Skills is built on a fanatical habit of service excellence and professionalism within the recruitment and career development market.


Our Recruit Division is the recruitment arm of KEY Skills. Composed of search professionals with 10 years of industry experience in the disciplines of Information Technology, Finance and Banking, Legal and Human Resources, Sales and Executive Searches / Headhunting. We have the skills and the know-how to provide businesses with employees who will increase business productivity and bottom-line. Allow us to help you with the employment of your next high calibre employee, email recruit@keyskills.co.za


In conjunction with our Recruit Division we have founded KEY Skills Train to provide a much needed service within the unemployed or for those entering the market sector. Let’s face it, we all need to work, to earn, to live! Easier said than done. KEY Skills has the formulae to empower individuals with the knowledge of securing their own employment and starting a successful career. Join the key train of mind, email training@keyskills.co.za


Our KEY Skills Develop entity is an extension of our training. This is where earmarked individuals from our training programme are selected, mentored and developed.

We base our business on our recruitment expertise across various industries combined with our commitment to training and developing people to enter the career arena. To become a starter in our Key Develop programme email training@keyskills.co.za

Again, the aim of our business together with the model we work under is strictly targeted at: Providing PROFESSIONALISM, Creating PROFESSIONALISM and Developing PROFESSIONALISM.